Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Parker's Baptism

The day that Parker said he wanted to be baptized was a great day in our home.  It makes a Mama and Daddy really proud for such a life changing decision.  It is so exciting to see Parker's love and excitement for the Lord.  

Early fall pictutres

Parker and Seth at the cookie party

                                                      Sarah Foster being silly
                                                                        Walker's first day of school

                                                                       Sarah Foster's first day to cheer

                                      Mary Elliott and Walker playing as their big sisters cheer!!
                                            Later watching his big brother play baseball

                                                   Mrs. Black's birthday party
                                                      Sweet Friends cheering for the Rebels
                                                               Hotty Toddy
                                                         Isn't this what you do at soccer practice???
                                                  Halloween pumpkin painting project
                                                Happy 4th Birthdy Walker

                                              Walker showing off his new Angry Birds hat

                                             Trying to stay out of the rain in Oxford

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Some Fun Before School Starts

Boys swimming with Parker before school starts

                                           Girls swimming with Sarah Foster before school started

                                                   Playing in Nashville before school starts!

Little brother had to have his painted to show his school spirit